Bordeaux International School offers a multicultural academic environment where students become bilingual independent thinkers, active learners and responsible global citizens.


The school welcomes students for whom it is felt we offer the best possible provision and circumstances for them to prosper in accordance with the school’s philosophy and the family’s expectations.

No entry test is required under the age of 14 ; however, the school is not able to accept registration of any student with major learning difficulties requiring specialised staff or equipment that BIS is unable to provide ; or for whom our bilingual programme does not appear relevant.

Decision for admission is made by the Head of the Section and the School Director, after review of all required documents, and after the student and his/her parents have been met (see Admission procedures).

Classes in BIS being limited to 15 students (12 in Early Learning), families are advised to apply as early as possible to ensure a place.

We endeavour to maintain a balance between cultures and languages in our bilingual classes (from Early Learning to Middle School) and to reserve places for children of "mobile" families.

As a way of ensuring equality of opportunity, Bordeaux International School remains a secular environment - we do not endorse any one religion, faith or culture. This enables us to be as fair as possible in our treatment of students.  For this reason we do not accept any visible, physical signs (jewellery, clothes etc.) of religion or faith within school grounds.

An "Open Day" is organised in February (see calendar on our web site) to allow families to discover more on the organisation of classes, teaching methods, teaching team and work done by students, and to meet parents and PTA representatives.