Admission procedures

General admission procedures for all classes/sections

 Request for admission

  • Before applying, families are asked to visit the school website to gain information on our educational project/philosophy and teaching approach, as well as our fees list, and the table of equivalence of systems/classes.
  • The application form (download - pdf) must be returned to the secretariat who will check on availability of places. 
  • On reception of the form, an interview with the Head of the Section is organised. Students are interviewed to assess whether or not the school is able to provide satisfactory provision for their needs. When applicable, previous school reports must be provided, together with a recommendation letter from the main teacher or the Director of the previous school.
  • For students aged 3 -14, this meeting will help decide what will be the student’s 1st working language (either English or French).
  • The school appreciates that it is not always possible for overseas families and students to attend an interview or to visit the school prior to enrolment. In this case, applicants are requested to organise for either a video conference or a telephone interview to take place with the Head of Section.
  • A quotation for school fees will be provided upon request.


Following the interview :

  • If admission of a pupil is confirmed and a place provisionally reserved, parents must pay the registration fee and provide the documents mentioned on the application form to validate their request for admission. The pupil file will be opened and the official documents drawn up : invoice with chosen payment methods, contract and Conditions of Attendance for signing and various other documents.
  • A certificate to confirm departure from the previous school will be required.


Validation of admissions to BIS is subject to the following  :

  • Upon receipt of the documents mentioned on the application form.
  • Upon receipt of the signed contract accompanying the invoice.
  • Upon payment of the first installment of the fees as indicated on the invoice.
  • Upon advance payment of the caution-notice fee, equal to one third of the yearly tuition fees, as indicated on the invoice.


Specific admission procedures for each section


  • The child must be 3 years old by the end of December of the current school year, fully toilet-trained and be able to feed and dress him or herself reasonably independently.
  • Admissions are accepted throughout the year.
  • When possible, we recommend that pupils spend one or two half or full days at the school before registering, to give them a feel for the environment.



  • Children are accepted after review of previous school reports.
  • When possible, we recommend that pupils spend one or two days at the school before registering, to give them a feel for the environment.



  • Reports from the two previous school years must be provided, as well as a letter of recommendation from the previous school.
  • Applicants for Senior School and for courses leading to examinations must have sufficient command of English in order to benefit from the programme of study. However, individual support classes may be organised if necessary (at extra cost).
  • The applicants for International Advance Level courses should have achieved 5 GCSE passes (or equivalent) at grades C and above, including passes in both English, Mathematics, and a grade B in their chosen Advance Level subjects where possible.
    When those certificates cannot be produced, prior assessment may be required either during the interview or by internet, in order to determine the appropriate class for the student.