Advantages of the school

Bordeaux International School is the only bilingual school in Aquitaine with a specific immersion programme from an early age, developed since 1987, offering: 

A supported learning environment : in teaching groups of between 10-15 pupils, and with individualized work schemes, the increased level of understanding of each pupil is guaranteed.

A unique programme of study : developed by BIS and based on official education programmes structured by an active teaching philosophy of discovery, the pleasure of learning, autonomy and the daily practice of two languages.

Learning by objectives : each pupil, together with his/her teachers, formulates the future steps of his skills and competences.

Learning foreign languages from an early age enhances intellectual development and logical thinking.

An exceptional follow up : regular evaluations and frequent meetings between teachers and parents to assess the learning objectives and progress made by each pupil.

Language Immersion : From the Early Learning section right through to the Sixth Form via gentle immersion and daily contact with the teachers and English-speaking children.

A committed teaching team: trained and experienced, with two teachers per class (French-English) from Early Learning through to age 10.

Artistic activities integrated into the programme : music, art, drama and dance.

Initiation into Spanish from the age of 4 years through singing and conversation.

Pertinence of learning by differentiated activities within small groups and workshops at different levels.

An international environment : daily contact with children and adults from around the world; an awareness of others and their cultures.

A community of committed and dynamic parents : The Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) which fosters projects contributing to the improvement of the educational experiences of the pupils.

Preparation for life long learning : developing the sense of responsibility for one’s own learning and gaining progressive competence in new technologies.

Personalised methods of learning : allowing each pupil, of whatever profile or cognitive ability, to progress at his/her own rhythm, to be heard, encouraged and stimulated.

Uninterrupted continuity of education of pupils who are well prepared at BIS to integrate into another school either in France or abroad at any stage of their education.