Specific pedagogic details

Active Learning

Children learn in different ways : some are visual, some auditory, others need to touch and handle the equipment, others refer to drawings and writing to improve understanding, and finally, some need a combination of these methods. It is for this reason that our learning methods are multi-sensory.

Children are encouraged to :

-  Work actively and independently

-  Work individually, with partners and in groups

-  Express themselves, discuss their ideas and draw conclusions


Information and Communication Technology : an initiation

ICT is an integral part of our curriculum and it plays an important role in many of our cross-curricular project activities as a teaching tool and to compound learning skills. Skills such as : control of basic functions, awareness of issues related to who can use the Internet, creation of digital documents using the Interactive White Board  - using educational programs, making PowerPoint presentations, games, etc.  Students' skills will be officially validated in Middle School by obtaining the "Brevet Informatique et Internet" (B2i) certificate.

BIS introduces the use of interactive tablets, particularly for differentiation, but this usage remains moderate.

The school also aims to develop within the children a rational, responsible and critical attitude towards new technologies.  Furthermore, BIS participates in the Safer Internet Day scheme.



For children who begin to write at BIS, we use script handwriting.

We have adopted this style of writing which includes proper posture, hand coordination (fingers before starting to use the pen) and pencil grip.

Children arriving at BIS who already know how to write are allowed to use their method, although many of them eventually like to try ours.