Secondary School (10 -18 years)

The Secondary School at BIS consists of two sections : the ‘Middle School’ and the ‘Senior School’.

Middle School

Middle School caters for students from the ages of 10–13 from all nationalities and teaching takes place in both French and English. Extra language support is provided (at cost) for students with a limited level of English.

Students are taught by subject specialists although for the first year, the younger ones still have their own classroom base for most subjects.  They also have their personal tutor to guide them through the transfer from Primary School to Secondary. 

Senior School

The Senior School caters for students from the ages of 14-18, and consists of two sections : International GCSE and International Advanced Level. Teaching is mainly in English.

Ages apply as of the 1st September, and students who are 14 on this date will normally start the two year programme leading to IGCSE examinations with the University of Cambridge. It is also possible for younger or older students to follow this programme if it is felt suitable.

BIS also prepares French speaking students for the ‘Diplôme du Brevet’ examination with some curriculum content covered in class and the rest provided during extra support lessons (at cost).

The International Advanced Level programme is a two year study cycle for students, usually starting from 16 years old. Students choose three or four subjects to study. Students study the Advanced Supplementary (AS) for the 1st year (equivalent of half an A Level). They complete the full A-Level in the second year.

These qualifications are internationally recognised by universities all over the world.

For American students :  BIS has recently become an official SAT centre and is also in the process of delivering a High School Diploma.