Clubs and Activities

We offer a selection of after school clubs! 

Duke of Edinburgh's International Award    

The Duke of Edinburgh International Award Scheme is a programme of personal development which is recognised by universities and employers worldwide as they value the skills of initiative and autonomy which the award fosters.
Students (from the age of 14) are encouraged to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award, which aims to develop them mentally, physically and emotionally. It includes four elements – learning a skill, taking part in a service for the community, being involved for a period of time with a sport and taking part in an expedition involving hiking and overnight camping.
The practical skills of orienteering, route making, camp craft and  First Aid are prepared in school. However, students are also expected to spend time each week pursuing a skill or a sport outside school hours in order to complete the requirements of the Award. The Music and/or Drama club could be chosen as a skill by the student. There are also possibilities for having private lessons in a musical instrument and dance classes (ballet, salsa, tap, etc) with dance schools close to the school. Additionally, there are a number of local associations which practise a multiplicity of sports. We help the students to find the one most suited to their needs and also with their enrolment.
Community Service :  This is often a fund raising activity agreed between the student and the school. The latest projects have involved writing and editing the school newspaper, raising money for a water well in Madagascar and contributing to the enlargement of a crèche for handicapped children to integrate with other students.