Additional strengths

Flexibility : class size and appropriate age bands
The school is dedicated to maximising the talents of its students. Classes are kept small (between 12 - 15), allowing for greater individual interaction between the teacher and the students. They are encouraged to exchange ideas with each other, thus nurturing social skills and cooperation within a group, as well as independence and self-confidence.
Broadly, we group students according to their age as on 1st September. However, after thorough assessment, BIS caters for those who need to be placed in a group more appropriate to their level.
Personal tutor
Moving to a new school in a new country with a new language can be daunting to both students and parents. To ease the transition, each student is assigned a personal tutor whose role is to guide and assist him/her in settling in happily at the school, and with peers and host family where applicable.
The tutor follows each student’s progress and achievement, co-ordinates her/his social integration and pastoral care, and liaises closely with  parents. The tutor also assists in resolving any difficulties and liaising with the Head of Section for providing career advice to older students.
Support for non-native English speakers
For students whose mother tongue is not English and who require additional support, we provide individual tuition in English as a Second Language, and extra support in subjects such as History and Science (see fees list). This ensures maximum language fluency and fosters full engagement in the programme.
Integration into the local community
We make every effort to involve students in the life and culture of Bordeaux with regular visits to theatres, art galleries, museums and a number of community-minded organisations (such as the Food Bank and Fair Trade). BIS also facilitates students to join local sports clubs and associations and regularly follows up progress. In addition, older students, keen to gain real-life experience, are assisted in obtaining work placements with local organisations.
Participation in the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Scheme
BIS encourages students to take part in this internationally recognised programme of personal development, highly valued by universities and employers. 
Excursions and field trips
Regular outings, and monthly "Away Days" for all Middle School students (see Blog) are organised throughout the school.
Each year students have the opportunity to take part in an extended trip lasting between 3 and 7 days either within France, or to an English, Spanish or French speaking country (London, Canada, etc). 
Access to digital platform for parents and students
To assist in their studies both inside and outside the school, all students are registered with the BIS ENT (Espace Numérique de Travail) - a secure “virtual school” - which provides resources for both students and parents, and where students can easily access and share documents related to courses and homework.  This is particularly useful for students in their final years completing examination practice papers.
This e-learning platform also includes our Virtual Media Centre, which enhances the library and research facilities for our multicultural community, offering a range of digital documents and web links.
The platform is also accessible to parents as it is used as a means of constant communication between them and the school, including information relating to absences, grades, weekly emails concerning a child’s general progress, and termly reports.
Guidance and Career orientation
All senior students benefit from personal individual interviews on a regular basis with the Head of Senior School for help with university applications and career prospects.  Career presentations are organised with a wide range of people from the school community to help with career orientation and external consultants are invited in to help sudents develop skills such as writing CVs and interview techniques.