Middle School (10 - 13 years)

A bilingual transition phase 

Bordeaux International School has a unique bilingual programme to provide a measured transition from the primary interdisciplinary approach to the subject-based education necessary in Secondary School. It gives pupils a solid foundation for their secondary education, whether they continue at the school or transfer to a French 'collège' or a secondary school abroad. It is one of the very few schools in France to offer this truly international programme.

International dimension

The school as a whole has a truly international dimension welcoming students from more than 20 nationalities. For most, either English or French is their first language, but for others, BIS offers a programme of support in English. Our unique programme draws on aspects of both the French and English curricula, but with a truly international outlook.

The international dimension is also provided through a school wide annual theme, social education lessons, project work, and extra-curricular activities (such as theatre, dance, cinema, sport, field trips, visits and ‘Awaydays’). 

Language focus 

Teaching in LMS is 50:50 in French and English with Spanish taken as an additional language.  Some subjects, such as Science and Geography, are studied in English whereas other subjects such as History and Art are studied in French. Maths is studied in both English and French. Classes may be split by level or language, or taught together with both English and French speaking teachers in a team teaching environment.


Class size and learning approach 

Class size is limited to 15 pupils, which allows a high degree of personal attention from the teachers. The school adopts an active learning approach where students are encouraged to exchange ideas with each other, thus nurturing social skills and cooperation within a group, as well as independence and self-confidence. They are often asked to collaborate in small groups to prepare class and school presentations.

Two cycles 

The Middle School programme is divided into two 2-year cycles :