Lower Middle School

LOWER MIDDLE SCHOOL is a “bridge” between Primary and Secondary.  Students are taught by subject specialist teachers and the project–based learning approach and collaborative learning environment, promoted in Primary, is maintained. 
Teaching in LMS is 50:50 in French and English with Spanish taken as an additional language.  Some subjects, such as Science and Geography are studied in English whereas other subjects such as History and Art are studied in French. Maths is studied in both English and French. Classes may be split by level or language, or taught together with both English and French speaking teachers in a team teaching environment.

"Awaydays" - Cultural and Discovery activities (see Blog on our web site) 

These take place twice per term and involve day trips in the local area and further afield. These cultural excursions present excellent learning opportunities and are an integral part of the school curriculum.

School trips 

We organise an annual trip abroad in an English-speaking country (London, Canada…) and develop exchanges with partner-schools. 

Lower Middle School hours

09.00 to 16.30  on Monday
08.25 to 16.30  Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
08.25 to 12.30  on Wednesday