Upper Middle School

Upper Middle School (UMS) - a bilingual transition phase for students aged 12-13

The curriculum is based on a combination of the English and French National Curricula but with an international outlook to allow the students to experience the benefit of both educational systems, of living in France and being part of an international environment.

In these years all subjects are taught by subject specialists either principally in English or French by bilingual teachers.  History, Art and Sport are taught in French whereas Geography and Science are taught in English.  In Mathematics, students are taught in both languages, enabling them to prepare for either French or English exams in the future. Although the methodology employed in problem solving in the English and the French systems is different, the content of the two systems is equivalent and students will be encouraged to examine problem solving from both points of view.

BIS can also prepare the “Brevet des Collèges” for students intending to go on to a French Collège. This will enable them to transfer later into the 2nde of the French system if they wish.

"Awaydays" - Cultural and Discovery activities 

These take place during the school year and involve day trips in the local area and further afield. These cultural excursions present excellent learning opportunities and are an integral part of the school curriculum.  The school also organises a trip abroad (London, Canada, etc).

Singapore Maths

Singapore Maths focuses on developing good and solid logical thinking, aiming for depth, not speed, and developing problem solving skills. 
It has became a well-known technique since Singapore students are ranked top in the TIMSS and PISA tests (international surveys).
The way the questions and problems are presented in the Singapore maths programme are aiming at mastering and complete understanding of a topic, not just learning and applying the formulas. The questions are various and increasing in difficulty. The approach is based on 3 steps (concrete, drawings and then abstract) which allow students to integrate the keys of abstract thinking, which is so important, and also so difficult, in maths learning.

"Mathematics in Singapore is not about knowing everything. It’s about thinking like a mathematician".

Upper Middle School hours

In order to prepare students for the more demanding programme of Senior School, the UMS timetable includes Wednesday afternoons. 

09.00 to 16.30  on Monday 

08.25 to 16.30  on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

08.25 to 14.45  on Wednesday