The activities are varied and partially renewed each day. They are carefully prepared in order to present a large range of possibilities for the inclusion of games which the child needs for a harmonious development.  These activities are put into motion by the teachers that work as a French/English bilingual teaching duo, as well as by the French Teaching Assistant.
Games: with material that stimulates play and the imagination, such as those of assembly and construction, puzzles, games, books and musical instruments.
Workshops: where a variety of materials are explored and utilized to develop multiple competences. These manipulations facilitate the introduction of abstract concepts, scientific, mathematical, artistic and linguistic concepts.
The outside world: a recreation ground (800m2) allowing physical outdoor activities, the use of wheeled vehicles, balls and other minor sports equipment; nearby parks and gardens.
Initiation into computer technology: using the mouse, discovering educational games and programmes, becoming  competent with activities on the interactive white board (IWB) (Ist approach to B2i in Pre-primary class).  We also introduce the use of iPads as a differentiated teaching support starting in Foundation.
Initiation into health and safety: first steps to learning about the body, health, food, road safety and domestic dangers.
Music : to discover the pleasure of sounds, rhythm, group harmony with a qualified teacher twice a week using instruments such as the guitar, piano and percussion instruments.
The activities room : where activities encouraging self expression with music played on the piano, percussion, dance, drama and mime take place, audio-visual language activities for foreign language learning; games, rhythm and singing.
Sports: along with a trained sports instructor, and their classroom teachers, the children visit the Chauffour Complex every other Friday.
The environmentally aware citizen: all year long the children are taught to be aware of, and sensitive to, the needs of their environment, to the idea of not wasting and to the need to recycle.
We  encourage the children to organize and develop their activities, to reflect on what they have been doing, to tidy and clean up afterwards. The teacher is there to facilitate, develop and extend their learning.