Parents PTA

Active and involved parents 

The parents represent an essential element of the education community. Their support of the school mission and aims is essential. They are kept informed of school programmes, (published on the ENT) as well as suggestions, projects or events  by a monthly Newsletter.  At the end of each term, the reports are presented to them with the teachers’ detailed comments. Parents can also request an interview with the Head of Section. 

The participation of parents in the various school activities and events is frequently requested and the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is essential as it plays a considerable role in the dynamics of school life.  The PTA thus contributes to the construction of a warm and cohesive group within the school community.

This association is made up of volunteer parent representatives for each class and a committee in which the Director of BIS has a seat.

Meetings and exchanges

Many events take place such as :

  • The monthly exhibition followed by a bake sale organised by the PTA
  • The monthly PTA meetings to organize activities for students or adults, or to exchange with the Director or the teachers on all topics of collective interest
  • Shows and concerts organised termly
  • The mid-term meetings between parent Reps and teachers, to discuss improvements to be made to all aspects of school life 
  • The multicultural events such as the biennial Book fairs, the international buffet, and sports day.

The noticeboard of Edupage informs everyone of these events together with the school's Blog which gives report, photos and comments.


The objectives of the PTA (pdf)