What is bilingualism ?

According to the definition of the Council of Europe : bilingualism or multilingualism is the ability to draw upon a repertoire of skills and knowledge in different languages ​​to deal with various situations of communication.

Some links to French web sites : 

  • : site created by Barbara Addelilah-Bauer, linguist and social psychologist, consultant and trainer, specialist in bilingualism.
  •  : article by Nicole Denni-Krichel, President of the "Fédération Nationale des Orthophonistes" (National Federation of Speech Therapists).
  •  :  bilingual site of the "Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives et Psycholinguistiques (LSCP)" ( Laboratory of Cognitive Sciences and Psycholinguistics) and its “Babylab” which studies the mechanisms of learning from birth until 5 years of age.
  •  : "bilingual children are more reactive".
  •  article on “bilingualism is stimulating for childrens' brains”.