Learning Support

Meeting particular needs

Since 1987, Bordeaux International School has been welcoming pupils who come from a variety of horizons and with many varied cognitive profiles. Some are very advanced; all work at their own rhythm in classes of a maximum of 15 pupils. To ensure the best chances of success, BIS sets out to implement specially adapted teaching strategies (such as differentiation and the creation of sub-groups of the same level) and, when the need arises, the possibility of having individual learning support with specific changes made to the timetable.

BIS has a network of specialists who work with the pupils from time to time and thus complement their learning at BIS.

The school, however, is not able to accept the enrolment of pupils with severe learning or behavioural difficulties.


Teaching gifted children

The teaching staff is sensitized to specific profiles and in particular to those who are intellectually gifted. The teachers are particularly attentive to the needs of these children. A caring and open learning style of teaching is practised in the classroom which encourages a climate of confidence and dispels any stress in the pupil.

Flexibility and tolerance in the teaching of the English and French languages ensures the progressive integration of children who are not bilingual on their entry to the school.

In addition, BIS works in partnership with professionals specializing in gifted children.