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  • A BILINGUAL EARLY LEARNING SECTION (French – English) for combining activities in both languages ​​for children of all nationalities, from 3 years old.
  • A BILINGUAL PRIMARY SECTION (French – English) under local educational authority partnership agreement, bringing together students of all nationalities from 6 years old. The French students follow the official program of Education (in French and Mathematics) and the Common Base of Knowledge and Skills established by the Ministry of Education.
  • A BILINGUAL MIDDLE SCHOOL, continuing from the Primary section, which welcomes pupils of all nationalities, from Lower Middle School (10 years old) until Upper Middle School (13 years old).
  • A SENIOR SCHOOL preparing students aged 14 to 18 years for international IGCSE examinations (16) and the British Advanced Levels (18). French college students can also take full advantage of one or two years at BIS, with immersion in the English language.
  • A DEPARTMENT OF LANGUAGES providing workshops and language courses for children and teenagers.

B.I.S. has been accredited by the Council of International Schools (www.cois.org) as a school of excellence since 2000 (see partners).

B.I.S. has been managed by a co-operative (SCOP) since 1999. The teaching and administrative team is the senior partner :  every decision or action is exclusively dedicated to improving learning and student life.

The students come from over twenty countries and their length of stay ranges from six months to ten years. In Early Learning, Primary and Middle School / College, approximately 50% of the students are French. In the English High School, there are a large majority of English-speaking students, but also students from all backgrounds and nationalities, including French, who prepare university entrance diplomas for their stay in a foreign school.

Expanded premises

Since September 2018 BIS benefits from an extra 300m², providing seven new classrooms, a multimedia library, a computer room and a science lab.

This expansion has increased the quality and quantity of space available for learning, especially in IGCSE and A Level.

It also benefits all our students, freeing up space for Middle School, and making another classroom available to Primary.

A word from the Director

Christine Cussac, directrice de l'école Bordeaux International School

Christine Cussac


Moving to France, for whatever reason, is an exciting adventure, and an opportunity to enjoy a new way of life. However, language barriers and education can sometimes cause concerns. Bordeaux International School can help to smooth this transfer. Older children sometimes find it difficult to integrate into the French education system, which can be further compounded by a limited understanding of the language, but Bordeaux International School provides continuity of curriculum and facilitates the acquisition of bilingual skills through its international staff.

For 30 years, Bordeaux International School has provided an unrivalled pupil-centred environment, where small classes are taught to a high standard. Our latest examination results, which far exceed the UK national averages, are one indication of the quality of our teaching. Some of our English-speaking pupils have previously attended French schools, where they found it difficult to make progress. At Bordeaux International School, we help pupils gain maximum benefit from their new life in France; they learn French in a supportive environment and develop an appreciation of French culture and lifestyle through our involvement with the local Bordeaux community.
We teach pupils of all ages and nationalities with different educational and linguistic needs. Our staff, which includes both French and English native speakers, are highly competent, dedicated and experienced in teaching multinational pupils with a teaching approach which focuses on the pupils and structures their learning in order for them to achieve their full academic potential.
You and your child(ren) are cordially invited to visit the school and meet our staff and pupils. I would be delighted to greet you personally, and introduce you to the relevant head of section who will show you around the school, and answer any questions you might have.
Please do contact me if you require any further information.