After BIS

Continuation after BIS

One of the principal missions of the school is to enable the pursuit of students’ education, in France or abroad, at whatever stage they are at, so that the transition and passage to another school is facilitated.

Given that the official programmes are respected from the outset and that the school prepares detailed school reports, a student can easily register in another school establishment (public or private) in France or abroad. BIS is a school which is under contract with the French Ministry of Education and the passage from Primary to Secondary French school is organized by the Director of the school in accordance with the number of places available.

In Bordeaux, some French schools - both state and private - have an “International / American” section where students from BIS can register if they want to prepare for the French "baccalauréat", and providing that their competence in French is close to the native one.  BIS follows with interest the education of its former students and obtains precise information (usually in the form of school reports) which testify to their success.

Abroad : to register in a French school or to one outside France, the procedure is identical to those schools under contract in France or Bordeaux. For entry to an international school, the programme of study at BIS is usually familiar as BIS is accredited by the Council of International Schools (  

What are some of our former students doing now ? 


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