General FAQ

 1.  For whom is this school?

 2.  Will I be able to see the teachers?

 3.  How can I meet other parents?

 4.  What is the admissions policy?

 5.  In which class will my child be placed?

 6.  How does the school deal with specific learning difficulties?

 7.  When is the latest date for enrolment ?

 8.  What measures are there to help my child to integrate?

 9.  Does BIS have easy access ?

10. I represent a firm that wishes to enroll the children of certain employees, of French or foreign origin, in your establishment.  What is the procedure to follow?


Questions for the Early Learning section

Questions for the Primary section

Questions for the Secondary section.


1. For whom is this school ?
Bordeaux International School is an international school that welcomes students from all over the world and of any nationality, wishing to access a multi-cultural learning environment, acquire a high level of academic achievement, and develop their language skills. It receives both French or English speaking pupils and those for whom English is the most familiar foreign language. Such pupils are often from expatriated parents attracted to the specific programme that BIS has developed.

At BIS, everyone benefits from individual attention and a development of talent, within a small structure which is both safe and stimulating.

2. Will I be able to see the teachers ?
Firstly, you will meet the head of your child’s section during the first interview before you enroll your child. Then, in the September of the entry year, parents are invited to meet the teaching team at the presentation meeting held by each section (see school calendar). At the end of each term there are parent/ teacher meetings held to discuss the progress of each pupil. Individual appointments may also be made with any teacher at any time (see communication book for the younger pupils).

3. How can I meet other parents ?
BIS encourages parents to meet each other and supports the activities led by the PTA (Association of Parent Teachers). The PTA meets once a month and informal encounters take place frequently. The PTA also conducts a number of projects which unite parents and teachers. The integration of new parents into the school community is an essential factor of success in the students’ education.  At the start of each school year, we organise a welcome evening for parents and students.

4. What is the admissions policy ? 
BIS does not have a formal selection procedure in the form of tests. However, an interview is required with students together with their parents, along with previous school reports. Each section follows a specific procedure - please consult the page "Admissions".

5. In which class will my child be placed ?
The pupils are placed in the classes which correspond to their age (see table of equivalence). If, after a few weeks of evaluation, it is found that a pupil would benefit from being in another class, the school may propose a change.

6. How does the school deal with specific learning difficulties ? 
Over the years, BIS has developed teaching methods and competence in helping to support and integrate pupils of different profiles.  Applicants may be considered for admission as long as they do not have severe learning or behavioural difficulties for which the school cannot provide the level of support necessary for successful integration. The suitability of a pupil’s integration into BIS is very carefully considered during the first interview with the Head of Section, together with the child’s previous school reports and other supporting documents. The school has a network of specialists with whom we also consult when necessary, for gifted pupils who are integrated into our existing classes (see Learning Support).  In the case whereby the teaching team considers that specialized support is necessary for a student, it reserves the right to request an identification, review and observation period.  During this period, the Special Education Coordinator will determine whether the school is equipped to meet the specific needs of the child.  If it is determined that a pupil’s exceptional needs exceed the school’s resources, the school reserves the right to request that the child leave the school.

7. When is the latest date for enrolment ?
Enrollment is subject to places being available. It is possible for students to be enrolled during the school year depending on the date of entry and as long as places are available (see Admissions). Contact the Secretariat on +33 (05) 57 87 02 11 or by email using the contact page.

8. What measures are there to help my child to integrate ?
From the moment of enrollment, everything is done for your child to feel happy in his new school. Careful attention is paid to students in small classes, a school council, informal assessment at the start of the year, and discussion with parents together with differentiated class activities adapted to your child’s needs all help to ease him into the school.  From Lower Middle School upwards, students are designated a Tutor.

9. How do I get to BIS ?
The school is situated near the Boulevards (near the Barrière Judaïque) and is serviced by a number of bus lines (1, 9, 16) with a bus stop immediately opposite the school). There are also bus, tram and railway connections. In addition, there is a drop-off point in front of the school. Vcub (bikes for hire) are also available near the school.  Finally, there is a shuttle service to the airport which stops in front of the school. 

10. I represent a firm which wishes to enroll the children of certain employees, both French and foreign, in your school. What is the procedure to follow ?
The procedure is the same for all pupils. BIS has developed special links with the firms in the region whose representatives are always welcome.